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Sea Whisperings


Sea Whisperings is Still Reuben's Favorite CD. It is his first recording and was recorded on a harp that he built himself.

This CD contains nine of his original Compositions:

1. SEA WHISPERINGS: The title piece is a composition about the mystique of the sea with ocean waves and pulsing currents,

2. SPECIAL FRIENDS Is a piece that describes the meeting of his future wife, with all of the bells and whistles, small steps toward a relationship, & building the relationship of togetherness...

3. FANTASY ON THE THEME: GREENSLEEVES Reuben shares his rendition of Greensleeves as if you were hearing it back in the Renaissance era. Then he slowly modernizes it and finishes with the piece sounding as if it is played by mysterious thrumming spanish guitars with only a couple gentle glissandos to remind the listener that it is actually still being played on a harp....

4. MEDITATION IN A CANDLE'S GLOW One of Reuben's Original pieces which has a warm feeling using slow arpeggios to create a comforting feeling. Reuben actually composed this piece sitting in a darkened room with a single candle light. With this music he tries to capture the solitude of the single focal point as well as the weaving and flickering of the flame in unseen air currents.

 5. MINUET KAROLINA An original composition. It is a cheerful, happy melody that Reuben wrote for his wife. 

6. TREES AND HILLS AND FLOWERS A'BLOOM Reuben's original music depicting a sunlit hill covered in newly budded trees and field flowers.

7. Mis Hermanos This is spanish for (my brothers), and the fun times the Correa boys had growing up.

8. Meditation of the Winds Amid the glissandos you can hear the mysterious sound of a Reuben's harp singing. This special effect is created by wind blowing through the strings.

9. Be Thou My Vision This is a traditional Irish / Celtic Melody

10. Theme of Hope :  An original by Reuben

11. The Delightful Spring Day! Reuben's signature song.  He composed this song to reflect all of the delightful aspects of spring, love and friendships.


1. Canon in D composed by J. Pachelbel.  This piece of music is popular at weddings, both as a processional for the bride and as a recessional for the wedding party.   It's a versatile piece and it is well loved.

2. Prelude in C  Composed by J. S. Bach This piece is also the basis for an Ave Maria and is very peaceful

3. Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring  Composed by J. S. Bach  is one of the most recognized pieces by Bach and is extremely popular for use in weddings, from the prelude through the recessional.   It fits just about any occasion.

This Music can be ordered from Reuben by emailing him for more information at:


Rock Of Ages

CD Reuben’s heart lies in using his music for healing purposes. Rock of Ages is a recording that is an extention of this philosophy. It is at once an improvisational offering that provides an approximately 45 minute continuous solo folk harp commentary of beautiful music using diverse techniques and encompassing the full range of the harp. It has been attributed to the relief of many physical ailments specifically one lady contacted Reuben to tell him that his music helped relieve her rapid leg syndrome condition. So much so that she had to request an emergency copy since she had lost hers in a move.

Mantle of Peace


Mantle of Peace is Reuben Correa's Christmas / Winter recording containing his arrangements of traditional carols, Classical pieces, and two of his original compositions. The title is reflective of this time of the year as the pure white snow falls silently and muffles sounds into a quiet peaceful murmur. To Reuben it becomes a peaceful, sparkling Mantle covering everything.

Reuben ventured out into the frozen tundra of Minnesota after an ice storm, with his camera and hung a golden harp on the icy branches of several trees and bushes before choosing the right picture for this recording. Reuben sends this greeting: “I’d like to see your eyes light up and your body relax as you enter the realm of the Christmas kingdom of Joy and Peace.


I hope that you will be transported away from the hubbub of holiday preparations by the soothing sparkling music of the harp.” RLC


1. FANFARE AND CHRISTMAS MEDLEY: O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL AND JOY TO THE WORLD: The melding of these two favorite carols seemed appropriate to Reuben because they both express the inexplicable joy of Christmas. Reuben joins these two creatively arranged pieces with fanfare interludes to announce each carol.

2. SILENT NIGHT: Reuben arranges this carol as if the harp is singing different words to each verse. Mr. Correa uses a whole gamut of harpist techniques to convey the happy calm and beautiful thoughts behind each verse.

3. GOOD KING WENCESLAS: This is both a mystical and lively arrangement. Reuben uses single and double xylophonic plucking to introduce the melody as he moves into the use of dissonance to move the music along. Finally the good king gets a little lively with a slight bit of syncopation, presumeably from the joy of the season, or who knows maybe they had coffee back then?

4. JESU JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING: Reuben loves this piece though it is not technically a Christmas piece. The versatility of this music is great because it makes a festive appearance all through the year. In fact this so true that when Mantle of Peace came out, people wanted to hear this music all year long. Mr. Correa decided to use it, as well as Canon in D and Prelude in C as a bonus piece on his Sea Whisperings cd. It is at once a celebration of simple melody with a light accompaniment.

5. INTERNATIONAL PARTY MIX: I Saw Three Ships - England, A burst of sound like the waves spraying high against the bow of a ship is what Reuben pictures in his mind. O Come O Come Emmanuel - Latin, A mysterious piece in a minor key gives this song an almost chant like feel. The First Noel - England, A happy lyrical light tune of great familiarity. Lovely is the Dark Blue Sky - Denmark, A Danish Christmas Carol and inspiration for the color of the cover of this recording. We Three Kings - American, Hear the sway of the camel gait along with the swish of their tails and the trace of falling stars as they arc across the desert sky. I Saw Three Ships - England, Reprise and ending.

6. ODE TO JOY: This is one of Reuben's Favorite Pieces. He has arranged this one to express the joy of the Season with large rolling chords soothing and lifting the spirit as only the harp can do.

7. THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY: Reuben captures the drumming of the little boy with the melody accompanied by finger drumming on the sound board. Listen closely as the drummer boy passes from left to right as he marches into the night to please the new born King.

8. OH HOLY NIGHT: Is a very popular piece this year. Reuben's arrangement is at times graceful or dramatic in a very soothing uplifting way.

9. MANTLE OF PEACE: An original composition by Reuben Correa. This music beholds the promise of God and His love for us. In His love we can experience a covering (mantle) of Peace and under this mantle of peace times of great joy and freedom.

10. CANON IN D: This is an extremely popular piece. Reuben's arrangement for harp is a slightly abbreviated version in that it doesn't repeat endlessly, yet captures the essence of the piece nicely. It is extremely popular at weddings and makes for a great listen if you stream music while working at your computer.

11. PRELUDE IN C: A Transcription for harp that is one of the few pieces by Bach that translates well to the lever harp. Bach actually never wrote music for the harp, because the harp of his day didn't have the abilities of the modern harp even the lever harp. But much of his music can be arranged quite adequately for the harp and indeed sounds quite beautiful on the harp. Prelude in C is slowed down just a bit and is also recognized by those of the Catholic faith as an Ave Maria as Charles Gounod composed an Ave Maria using Bach's prelude as the frame work for the accompaniment of his composition.

12. SNOWFLAKE LULLABY: This is an Original Com position by Reuben Correa Copyright 1992 Written expressly for my mom in law. Thanks for your sweet love and encouragement. It is also for all the people who have lost a loved one during the Christmas holiday season. May your sleep be sweet and your pain be healed.


Our Beautiful Baby


Our Beautiful Baby was recorded in 2000 as a solo unaccompanied harp recording and is a compilation of musical firsts for baby. It is actually recorded for adults and children alike since adults will have to listen to it over and over. Reuben's Original composition "Chasin' My Tail" about his cat was nominated for Best Solo Instrumental Song in the JPF Music Awards

Reuben recorded it with no surprising very high or very low volumes opting to keep it gently expressive and more conducive to sleep.

It includes: Baby's first Classics The Brahms Lullaby, a special soft arrangement of Ode to Joy, and Sheep May Safely Graze. (the three b's Brahms, Beethoven and Bach)

Baby's first Celtic: Morning is Broken, The Ash Grove, and The Water is Wide.

Baby's first sacred music Medley of Love: Jesus Loves Me, Praise him, Jesus Loves the Little Children, It is Well with My Soul. Also included on the recording are nine of Reuben's original lullabies, and happy and healing songs.

approx 60+ minutes.

PS. Reuben's  son's picture is on the cover he is 6 months old.


From the Bottom of my Harp

Solo Harp cd

Reuben Correa's Thank you album to his fans. 

He asked for suggestions of songs from his supporters who have given so generously their encouragement & money to fund his projects.  So he has arranged many of those suggestions, 

 They include well known folk songs, hymns, classical and a large body of original pieces.

You will hear musics such as Danny Boy, Country Gardens, Simple Gifts  (a Shaker tune), Ode to Joy, Amazing Grace,  How Great Thou Art. Especially notable is Rachel's Dream a piece Reuben was commissioned to write  for a young lady raising money to buy a wheel chair accessible van, so that she could become part of society and work in her chosen field.


Written musical Scores for arrangements or original compositions

printed only

Written musical Scores for arrangements or Reuben's original compositions - Only available as printed matter.

 Reuben is finally starting release some of the written scores of his original compositions and arrangements. Some of them are found on his recordings others are his private stock of familiar tunes.

These are some of the pieces that are now available from the:


Be Thou My Vision (Intermediate) - -

Delightful Spring Day, (intermediate) -

- Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, (Advanced) -

 - Mis Hermanos, (Advanced) -

- Prelude in C (advanced) -

- Special Friends (Intermediate) -

-Trees and Hills and Flowers A'bloom (Intermediate) -

Fantasy on the theme: Greensleeves- Intermediate

- Canon in D (Advanced)

- These arrangements and Compositions are available from the


The Water is Wide (multiple harps, beginner II)

The Water is Wide (Solo Piece) intermediate

These arrangements are available from:


Mantle of Peace, original (Advanced)

 O Holy Night, arr. (advanced) -

- Ode to Joy ,arr. (multiple harps, Intermediate level) -

- Snow Flake Lullaby  original (intermediate)

-Fanfare and Christmas Medley - Joy to the World and O Come All Ye Faithful(Advanced)

 From the Bottom of My Harp CD  

 Ludwig's Flourish, original (intermediate) -

- Simple Gifts, arr. (for harp and Violin, beginner level) -

 - Vigsel , Norwegian Wedding Song arr.(Intermediate)

- Easy Book of Christmas Carols all arranged in G Major (easy + intermediate)

- Greensleeves -flowing Version (Advanced)

 - - All pieces are $5.00 a piece or 4 pieces for 15.00 plus postage and taxes printed on high quality paper. Please send check or money order to Reuben Correa 6022 Golden Valley Rd Golden Valley, MN 55422 - 4440



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