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Sea Whisperings


Sea Whisperings is Still Reuben's Favorite CD. It is his first recording and was recorded on a harp that he built himself.

This CD contains nine of his original Compositions:

1. SEA WHISPERINGS: The title piece is a composition about the mystique of the sea with ocean waves and pulsing currents,

2. SPECIAL FRIENDS Is a piece that describes the meeting of his future wife, with all of the bells and whistles, small steps toward a relationship, & building the relationship of togetherness...

3. FANTASY ON THE THEME: GREENSLEEVES Reuben shares his rendition of Greensleeves as if you were hearing it back in the Renaissance era. Then he slowly modernizes it and finishes with the piece sounding as if it is played by mysterious thrumming spanish guitars with only a couple gentle glissandos to remind the listener that it is actually still being played on a harp....

4. MEDITATION IN A CANDLE'S GLOW One of Reuben's Original pieces which has a warm feeling using slow arpeggios to create a comforting feeling. Reuben actually composed this piece sitting in a darkened room with a single candle light. With this music he tries to capture the solitude of the single focal point as well as the weaving and flickering of the flame in unseen air currents.

 5. MINUET KAROLINA An original composition. It is a cheerful, happy melody that Reuben wrote for his wife. 

6. TREES AND HILLS AND FLOWERS A'BLOOM Reuben's original music depicting a sunlit hill covered in newly budded trees and field flowers.

7. Mis Hermanos This is spanish for (my brothers), and the fun times the Correa boys had growing up.

8. Meditation of the Winds Amid the glissandos you can hear the mysterious sound of a Reuben's harp singing. This special effect is created by wind blowing through the strings.

9. Be Thou My Vision This is a traditional Irish / Celtic Melody

10. Theme of Hope :  An original by Reuben

11. The Delightful Spring Day! Reuben's signature song.  He composed this song to reflect all of the delightful aspects of spring, love and friendships.


1. Canon in D composed by J. Pachelbel.  This piece of music is popular at weddings, both as a processional for the bride and as a recessional for the wedding party.   It's a versatile piece and it is well loved.

2. Prelude in C  Composed by J. S. Bach This piece is also the basis for an Ave Maria and is very peaceful

3. Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring  Composed by J. S. Bach  is one of the most recognized pieces by Bach and is extremely popular for use in weddings, from the prelude through the recessional.   It fits just about any occasion.

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