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I enjoyed meeting you at the Tin Bins this evening in Stillwater. Your harp music was beautiful.
Reuben's harp CDs, especially Rock of Ages (for me), is wonderful music for quiet contemplation, reading or studying. The music acts as fragrant incense for the ears, filling the air with the sweet perfume of ethereal notes and rhythms. I am very much looking forward to his new release "A peaceful Journey"!
Hi Reuben, Now that we've returned from our honeymoon and settled into married life, Amy and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing musical gifts at our rehearsal dinner and on our wedding day. Many of our guests commented on how beautiful your music was at the dinner and reception. Your harp playing really added a lot to the whole celebration. The card and text messages were also very sweet and thoughtful. :) We really appreciate your help in making our wedding one that we will always cherish. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family
Reuben is a great teacher and really cares about his students. He is flexible, patient and always encouraging.
Thank you for you music. my baby was mesmerized by the soothing sounds and vibrations. Thank you for letting him touch the harp I could se by the look in his eyes that it was a wonderful experience for him
Your music made our wedding a spectacular success. 3 mos. later people are still telling us how beautiful the setting was and how the music was perfect for it. How they felt surrounded by love
Reuben, Thank you so much for making my wedding day so special with your amazing talent of playing! God bless you!
I've really loved hearing your sweet music at art shows and markets. We'll have to have you back on our party boat soon. You really made our day special.
It has been great working with you on this project
Dear Reuben your music was wonderful! Even A. Goldbloom, our CEO, said he appreciated your harp music. Thank you so much for your willingness to be a part of the memorial service, and for all you do at C. Hospital God Bless You Memorial Service Planning Committee
Hi Reuben, Margo Gassen commented on her Wall post. Margo wrote: "Thank you so much! I was just listening to your album yesterday while making xmas cookies! I LOVE your music. Hope you're doing made our wedding!"
Jose' and I want to thank you so much for the beautiful music you played for us on our wedding day!... Thank you so very much for helping make our wedding day so memorable.
I'm enjoying the music you have on your web site so much that I don't want to leave! Miss you and Carol...Give Trevor a Hug!
Frank January 20, 2011 at 5:25pm Subject: Rock of Ages Just wanted you to know I downloaded your Rock of Ages music and am playing it as background music for my mother who is in her last days as a cancer patient. It is soothing and calming for her . . .and for me! You have done well for yourself and have used the gift of music God has given you in remarkable ways. I'm proud of where you are! I also play your music while in my study at the church. Folks often comment about the lovely music I have playing. I gladly tell them that is my friend from years gone by. Thanks, Reuben. May God's grace continue to guide and bless you! Frank
Thank you so much for the wonderful an awesome music during my daughters wedding. I heard many wonderful things said abou you and your music. You made her day very very special. Thanks again.
6 years ago, when my daughter was a baby, she and I were sitting in the Minneapolis airport between flights eating lunch. I was feeding her baby food and it was a mess. You were there eating lunch also, and we laughed at how messy she was. You told me you had a son and remembered how challenging, but wonderful babies are. As she and I were leaving, heading to our next flight, you handed me a cd you had made. I thanked you, tucked it away, and continued my travels. This past January baby #2 was born, a son. All the late night feedings have been made even more enjoyable thanks to your beautiful music. Our Beautiful Baby has become the soundtrack to the time spent in his room in the wee hours, rocking, feeding, and listening to music. I have so many lullaby cds, yet cannot bring myself to put any in but yours, the one given to me out of kindness on a crazy day of traveling from Montana to Miami! Thank you. This cd will always be so meaningful to me, it has helped create beautiful memories. Sincerely, Alina W. W. Lake, IN
We love your music more every time we hear it! It's great to see and experience your music at the Renaissance Festival!
Reuben, we are so proud of your. I know you have worked so hard to make this such a special ministry to others. Thanks for your beautiful music.
sent off a little money to help with the "Just Plain Folks" Music Awards. Not much but we wanted to help!
Hi Rueben, I'm so happy for you. I'll try to keep everything crossed on Aug 29 (even if it costs me my job, ha). I'll be praying for you. Carolyn (from Bitburg) and Dennis
Beautiful and peaceful music
Like your pics. Here at Mainstreet Senior Living, we have monthly Birthday Parties with live music..I don't know what her budget is for that event, but we've never had a Harpist. Do you play at Senior bldgs? If so, what is your fee? Do you also play familiar "oldies"? I would like to order one of your CD's to play while driving. Which one do you recommend? Put message on my FB page...I don't use e-mail, if you remember.
Hello Rueben, I was thinking of you and decided to look you up on the internet. It sounds like you are continuing to perform beautiful music with your harp. Congratulations on your continued success. Irma
I meet you at a renassance festival in Des Moines, Ia at the fair grounds I have bought 2 of your CDs. I love them very much and I thought of you when I was searching for idea's for my daughters wedding Ireland's symbol is the harp. I have to find a bard cause that is also part of a Irish wedding. I seen you do weddings and would like to find out if you would be avalible to perform at her wedding. You are the best for every aspect of her wedding I sat and listened to you play and my heart sang with joy and happiness and I would wish this for my daugher on her special day.
Hello! Just wanted to send a chuckle your way ... After Gracie's piano lesson, she came home and ran right to the harp. She started playing the new piece you guys practiced over and over, faster and faster. She asked to call her grandparents and share the song with them. After the phone call, I let her know it was time for bed. I was expecting a major protest; however, silence prevailed and then she asked "May I bring my harp to bed?" ... Have a good week! Lynn
Dear Reuben, Your gifted music was the perfect addition to our son and new daughter-in-law's wedding ceremony on Valentine's Day! Both the bride and groom, as well as their parents, were delighted with your elegant performance, and your true professionalism. From Prelude through the postlude, I can speak as a former wedding planner, your music and talent were the perfect match for the couple, for the venue, and for our guests. Many of our guests were touched as we were, by the graceful and romantic touch that your harp brought to the Valentine's Day ceremony, played lightly under their vows, and then the lovely glissandos at the the couple's 'first kiss'! We enjoyed having you at our big event - and joyfully, and without any reservation, highly recommend your services to other clients. Very Best Regards, The Stillman/DeMaster Wedding Tanya DeMaster
Dear Reuben, I am e-mailing to inquire if you are still performing for weddings and events. You played the harp for my daughter's wedding at the Chart House here in Lakeville, back on May 19, 2007. Their name was Mark and Jennifer. I am inquiring if you are still performing for weddings and events. You did such a wonderful job for my daughter's wedding. That I would like to use your services again. P.M.
Hi Rueben, just visited your site again and finally decided to make a comment. I was so pleased to hear you at the Minnesota Renaissance and absolutely loved your music. I'm not sure if you remember me and by boyfriend, John, but I was wearing a green outfit and had long hair. I had seen you outside the Renaissance playing and there were a couple of ladies there to, listening to you, so maybe that will strike a match. Any way, I just wanted to tell you that you do a wonderful job and hope to hear you again next year. God Bless you and your many talents. Your family is very lucky to have a man with such talents.....Take care
Hi, Reuben - I don't know if you remember me, but I was in the choral part of West High Music, graduated in '73 - and was an accompanist for Donn Fenn. I talked with Kathy Fisher-Stube today and she told me that you had some to the reunion and about your expertise on the harp! I've been listening to your clips tonight and they are very, very lovely! I am a music teacher here in Siskiyou County - and have also learned a few other instruments along the way - ha!! My desire is to learn cello - I have a lovely instrument sitting in my home and just finding the time to practice is a big one! Blessings - Your music is an inspiration to all! Take Care - Jenny Houston
My son and fiancee announced last week that they would like to marry here in the Minneapolis area sometime soon. They may actually be leaning toward a home wedding. Both the bride and groom enjoy Celtic as well as classical and contemporary music, the bride studied in Ireland. I found your website and listened to 'Special Friends' and found myself both crying and smiling, a good sign! My Very Best Regards, T. DeMaster
Ruben played at our outdoor wedding at the Gale Mansion a few weeks ago. It was truely enchanting! He played softly during most of the ceremony- I highly recommend this to every couple! It creates such a delightful ambiance and hides any distracting noises that come from your surroundings. We highly recommend him for any event!
Reuben played his harp at our outdoor wedding. He did a fabulous job. He arrived on time and required minimal setup. Our guests loved the music and enjoyed visiting with him at the reception. August 14, 2008
It meant so much to Eric & I to have you play at our wedding. It was Beautiful. We had such a great time. I'll be recommending you to everyone I know.
Reuben, Thank-you again for making our dream come true for our daugher, Amys wedding. We have heard so many compliments on the harpist!! It truly was a heavenly event. I hope your return trip was good and that we will have a chance to hear your beautiful music again. God Bless you and your family. Thanks again Reuben. Tammy Votava
had fun visiting your sight and hearing your music with "color" I'll have to get your baby album. Have you done any other ones recently? Diane Sorenson
Hi Again: Long time no communicate. I am still listening to Sea Whisperings and loving it. Hey I ordered one of your Ribbon Gift of my choice catalogs for a friend. She loved it and wants to order some for her mother and mother in laws for mothers day. Those are so cool except that there are so many fun gifts that it is hard to choose just one. i want them all. I like the baby cd too. he is so cute.
Dear Reuben: Thank you so very much for completing our pit orchestra for ( Beauty and the Beast). You helped us a tremendous deal! I enjoyed working with you and I hope you had fun. This was a dream come true for me - having a harp in my pit (orchestra). Thank you so much Drew Hasty
Hi Rueben and Carol! Vic found your websight!Wow!! so awesome!! We were looking for you last spring to invite you to Rachael's Grad Party.(but couldn't find you!) Yes!! You heard right She is now at Crown College! Her major is History Ed and Music. Rueban, the store I work at is looking for local musicians music. Can my manager purchase your C-D's wholesale? I will also try to reach you by phone. So good talking to you! Diane
I am a sister of the Order of St. Benedict at St. Benedict's Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Either in 1992 or 1993 I attended a Christmas open house at a gift store, "Country Mill," in St. Cloud Minnesota. Reuben was present live, and was playing Christmas music on his harp. I purchased two of his tapes: MANTLE OF PEACE AND SEA WHISPERINGS. I like them very much. I played MANTLE OF PEACE, to a piano teacher today, and she was very impressed! She would love to know how she can purchase these tapes and also if there is sheet music that she can purchase. I am interested in a catalog,if any exists. I am not a computer shark so I am inept at finding what I want on the internet. If there is a catalog could you please mail a copy to me. I would appreciate any information available. Thank you and God bless you all the time.
Name: Carol Volk.... Email: cv Comment: Bonnie N. introduced me to your beautiful music. My 17 year old son is very musical. He would love to learn how to play the harp someday. Right now he plays piano, violin and guitar. He loved your Sea Whisperings CD. He immediately asked me if he could purchase your CD. I, of course, said yes. He'll be downloading it to his MP3 player. Thanks for having that available. My other son is getting married August 11th, 2007. Do you happen to have that date available? The wedding is going to be at 4:30 pm. in E. River, MN. Thank you, Carol Voll....
It was great seeing you at the Renaissance Festival! Your music is beautiful. It was pouring rain that day, but still I had sunshine in my heart. I am still wondering if you are available to play during my wedding ceremonyand you would be more than welcome to stay and have dinner with us. I think you would be a beautiful and unforgettable addition to our wedding. Wendy
Hi Again! boy that was fast and on a saturday too. Hope I'm not bugging you. Thanks for putting a list of other companies that I can stream and download music. I just like to look at all of the foren languages and try to find your music. It has become a hobby of mine.
Hi Mr. Reuben: I have to remember to put the e before the u or I can't get your site. I have had fun streaming your music. in one day I listened to Canon in D all day long. It is just so pretty. I wish you lived closer to me so I could hear you do a concert or have you play at my wedding. I have logged onto many different sites to listen you should have a list of all the different sites. I stream on Verizon, Muisc Now, Apple i Tunes, MSN Music, Music Net, and my favorite is Rhapsody. do you have other sites? Thanks your's truly jessie
Thank you for your wonderful site!
Congratulations Reuben! I thoroughly enjoyed perusing your website. See you at the airport.
Reuben: Thank you once again for being available on such sort notice. My mother always loved your music. Best wishes, SR
Big thnx. So interesting. I wish you prosperity Best wishes. Lisa.
Happy Holidays to All.........have fun at the Airport gig.
Wow! Congratulations! That puts you in the cream of the crop on top of a lot of the other independent musicians. I "agree" I have encouraged my friends to check out your site and beautiful music and to order songs from emusic and Apple iTunes. My favorite song is "The Delightful Spring Day" on the Sea Whisperings cd but I also like your arrangement of Canon in D.
john_rer I have to say your site is great.
R, Aaaahmazing music at my wedding on November 17th, 2006. We were so pleased, as was everyone that attended the wedding. You make beautiful music, my friend! Thank you and many blessing's for a prosperous year~ Ed & Jodi Raleigh
Dear Ruben: I am so glad to have found your site. I live so far out in the sticks that I cannot find good music in my area. Thank you for offering your music on eMusic. I hope you get the top prize in the JPF Awards and walk away with a six foot trophy!! Thanks for the direct links they are very helpful. Best wishes Jessie
Dear Mr. Correa: I am so excited that you have direct linkage to your music in eMusic. I can download your music and it is nice to listen to while I work and study and helps me relax to sleep at night. Congratulations on your nomination I think it is well deserved R. Chang
I just wanted to say WOW!!! goose bumps and e-motions, the design of your web page really got me!!! Check my sites ;)
Reuben, Thank you so much for playing such beautiful music at our wedding. We received many comments from our guests how wonderful the music was and how you helped make our ceremony almost magical. We hope you had enough shade and stayed cool! For anyone out there that is looking for a harpist, we definitely recommend Reuben. He is very friendly and a good listener. His ideas and creativity really helped us make our ceremony wonderful for everyone. Thanks again Reuben and good luck to you! Sincerely, Erik & Vicki
Hello ReubenThe performance went very well for my first one. Thank you for all the coaching and help. There were about 30 people in the audience. I decided to play Green Sleeves first with Scott. I know it very well and both Scott and I can do a few variations on it. It went very well. After that I talked about the piece a bit, introduced us and talked about the next piece, Les Patten Blanc. The little French waltz. That’s when I had the thought, “they’re watching me,” and my hands started to shake a bit. Not good for a harper. After that Scott played two tunes and then it was my turn for a solo. By that time I was very calm. I did the Hay Ho trilogy. I can do some variations on it also so I could sort of improvise with it. We did some more tunes together and we each did some more solos. We weren’t playing fast but we had more time than tunes. Scott through in a few more tunes and I did Fogy Due. We ended with Abbots Bromley. We played it too fast for the piece but we hadn’t thought of a fun, fast and uplifting piece to end with, so this worked. You would have been very proud when I played Roslyn Castle. I went slow letting important end phrase notes ring before going into the next phrase. At the end I slowed down into the final three notes. I played the two, paused, then the last one and let my hand rest softly on my leg and then looked out at the audience. I didn’t scratch my nose or anything not cool,liked we talkked about. You are probably wondering what happened with the Purgatory piece, Parsons Farewell? Scott and I tried it a few times. We did get through it but not with enough confidence to put in the program. I would get to my sticking spot and either make it but always expected to mess up, or I did mess up. Something for me to keep working on. It is a pretty piece and fun to play. Even with measures 11 through 14. Something for us to work on when lessons start again. I thought about bringing a sheet but didn’t. I should have. The carpet was a mottled red-blue-gray. Every once in a while I would lose my focus but I could pull back to the strings. Any way, I did it. I lived and I could do it again if I had to. I’ll see you when we start up sometime in June. Do you have any suggestions on a baroque piece to start work on? Or I can just wait until June. I am now working on some pieces I have played at for along time. Your student Jim M
Reuben, I am now a proud owner of a Celtic harp. It is a Voyager. We were in Minneapolis for market at umaga... So we went to Stillwater on Monday and checked out Music Makers. Jerry said to say hi to you if I talked to you. After we got in our car and drove off ,I had a good happy cry!!! Ken just laughed. I just kept looking in the back seat all the way home (6 hour drive back to ND)saying I can't believe I have a harp. We finally got home and we took it out and the first thing I did was play "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee" without any music!! I was jumping up and down because I could actually play it!!! I can play piano. I bought a couple of beginner books and went half way through the first one that night. Can you tell I am so excited to be a harp owner!!!! Thanks for all your help and inspiration!!! I've been listening to your CD all day here at the store. God Bless You. Tammy
I have enjoyed listening to your musical excerpts. I have been taking harp lessons for 3 months, and am in my mid fifties. I am finding the harp very enjoyable and relaxing. It is amazing how well I sleep now especially when I practice just before going to bed! (Despite the effort of trying to get these hands to do what my brain is telling them to do!) I am trying to decide what harp I want to purchase. I have narrowed it down to three. I just want a good harp that I can enjoy playing and listening to for remainder of my life. I want an instrument that I can be proud of and not regret buying. I really like the sound of the harp that I am hearing in your excerpts. I understand your harp is custom made for your needs, but, I was wondering-- is it closer to the Minstrel or another Steen model? I have been impressed with the personal promotions on Mr. Green's site, and the number of persons who use his harps for recording. I guess I just want little bit of personal input before I make the big investment. Thank you for your time.
Hey there Rueben, Just thought I'd look you up and say Hi, so "Hi!", anyway just wanted to get back in touch with you and see how you all are doing! -Joshua
It was wonderful to catch up with all you are doing with your harp music...neat site. We love you...Tom and Pam
Can't wait for the new CD! My favorite is still Mantle of Peace but I do love them all.
Hey Reuben Long time no see ! My wife & I use your music to soothe & put to sleep the children that come into our home. We provide a shelter home for Hennepin County kids with troubled families. Last week I was speaking to the men in my Sat am mens group about harp music. One of them just emailed me about your music so I went on the web and found your site. God Bless. Say Hi to John Peter when yoyu see him. Rick
Hey Rueben, Looking forward to hearing you. David (Mesaba/artist)
We recently acquired Sea Whisperings and Our Beautiful Baby. We live in Ireland, a country symbolic with the beautiful instrument of the harp. Our two special needs children, Brandon & Georgia, are gaining something really special from the music of the harp and from a music therapy point of view Mr. Correa's music is, I believe, highly effective.I think that music therapists throughout the world should be aware of that. David Bradley
Thank you for playing your healing music while I was sleeping and your special followup musical gift as I was recovering. tj
Reuben is an incredible instructor. I took lessons from him for 3 years and I loved every minute of it. Thanks Reuben for your love for the harp.
This new site is great! All the best in your ministry! Peg
Your music is healing. Your music springs forth joy with G-d, which is not dependent on life circumstances. In support of your gift, Melanie Gimm
Very nice website! Will you have a page where we can buy your CDs? I have Sea Whisperings and would like more? Thanks!
Always a peasure to hear you at Iowa-area renaissance events.

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